ExpiredSpend £20 And Save 30% Off DNA Nutrition Test


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Get even better insights on your overall health and performance with their DNA nutrition test with 30% off now.

Looking to live a healthier lifestyle? Vitl can help with that! They provide tailored supplements for your specific goals and needs.

The first step is the free consultation. In this consultation, you’ll be asked intricate questions about your health, lifestyle, and such. The experts consider all factors including genetic predispositions and actual blood test results, to get the accurate supplement and personalised diet.

This only lasts about 5 minutes, but it will help their experts to design the correct supplement plan for you. Once, you order your personalised supplements, you can start becoming the best version of yourself. With more ways to learn more about yourself through their at-home DNA nutrition kit.

So why not get to know yourself a little better and let Vitl work out what your body really needs.

Plus, free UK delivery on subscriptions & orders over £20.

Click the button above and get personalised diet & supplement recommendations.

Spend £20 And Save 30% Off DNA Nutrition Test
Spend £20 And Save 30% Off DNA Nutrition Test
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