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How to Win Online Competitions

As a Freebies site, we often list competitions alongside our deals and free samples. But ...
Saving Money

The Best Ways to Save Money at the Weekend

We often find that budgeting and sticking to routines in the week is simple, but when it ...
Saving Money

How Much Switching to Solar Energy Could Save

Renewable energy has slowly creeped into all of our lives over the past 20 years, with ...

How to Avoid Email Spam

Just like junk mail, email spam is something that is almost impossible to avoid, and ...
Saving Money

7 Long Term Tips for Saving Money & Cutting Down Expenses

How many of us have outgoings for things we rarely even use? Or are paying for services ...
Product Testing

Top 6 Money Making Survey Sites in 2021

Data is big business so new survey sites are constantly popping up, offering a chance to ...
Saving Money

Weekly Money Saving Tips 

There are many easy ways to save money each week, most of which we often overlook. From ...
Saving Money

Top Food & Takeaway Deals in the UK

Takeaway night can soon become an expensive meal when using Deliveroo, Just Eat or even ...
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