Expired10% Off Your First 4 Orders Of Tastily


Fancy a new recipe? Use code INSTA10 for 10% off your first 4 orders of Tastily.

Tastily is a readymade meal service that brings authentic, fresh meals delivered to your door.

Their aim is to make healthy food still delicious and flavourful, so you can enjoy yourself without hurting your pockets.

Tastily put their expert chefs to work every day to prepare your meals of the week. Every meal they make, they add the essential nutrients to all their meals so, you can eat their meals knowing the food is fresh and of premium quality.

Can’t decide what to eat this week? No problem. With 25 meal options to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when order your first 4 orders with 10% off.

When delivered, the food comes carefully packaged. It still tastes just as fresh and amazing, as it did when it was first cooked by Michelin-trained chefs.  

Even better, the plastic Tastily use is 85% recycled plastic so not only are you helping yourself with 10% off but, you are also helping the environment.

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10% Off Your First 4 Orders Of Tastily
10% Off Your First 4 Orders Of Tastily

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