The Top Baskets for Creating Beautiful and Thoughtful Hampers

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13 December 2022


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6 January 2023

A couple of years ago, when I first came up with the idea of giving my grandparents a hamper for Christmas, I though it would be a great way of keeping the cost down. When I began looking around at the hampers on sale, I quickly realised that they weren’t as cheap as I was expecting, so it didn’t take long for me to decide to make one myself.

Since then, I’ve given a few hampers out. In fact, its one of my favourite gifts to give. It feels so much more personal than standard gifts, the presentation can have quite an impact when done well and you can gradually buy things to add to it throughout the year.

So, where do you start. Well, with the basket of course. Let’s face it, no one wants to waste money on the basket, given that for many people the basket will never be used again, so below we will explore some cheap options, luxury options, and some creative options to get your creative juices flowing.

Buying The Right Sized Basket

The first thing to consider is the basket size you’re going to need. You want your basket to appear like it is overflowing with gifts, bursting with fun and excitement, and enticing to explore. If you buy a basket too big for the number of gifts you’re giving, your hamper will feel unfinished and empty. If you buy a basket too small, you won’t be able to display all the items and the impact of your hamper may feel less impressive.

Don’t over worry about it because a little space around each item is no issue. You can fill out your hamper with hay or shredded paper. This will not only fill empty space, but also protects the products and makes your hamper look much more attractive.

Which Wicher Baskets are Great for Hampers?

It only makes sense to start with what I’m sure you’re expecting. Wicker Baskets are perfect for creating the typical hamper that most of us have come to expect and love. Below I will list my favourites in the order of most expensive to cheapest.

Baskets come in all different shapes and sizes. You’re likely going to want something that is not too deep, so that your gifts don’t sink to the bottom, but deep enough to hold the items you wish to add and, depending on if you feel your loved one will make use of the basket, one that is deep enough to be functional.  

If you do opt for a deep basket, it isn’t the end of the world, you may just need to fill out the bottom with an empty box, or something to take up some of the space that you don’t want to use.

Here are some of my favourites:

Price: £17 to £100 depending on size.

From: The Basket Company

Size: Ranging from 10″ to 24″

High quality hampers for high quality gifts.

Price: £40.99

From: Amazon

Size: L 44cm x W 34cm x H 38cm

Lovely, high quality picnic basket. Ideal for food lovers.

Price: £26.99

From: Amazon

Size: L 33cm x W 20cm x H 15cm

If you’re looking for a slighly cheaper or smaller picnic basket, this one is lovely with its two handles and cute liner.

Price: £20 (currently reduced to £10)

From: The Basket Company

Size: L 33cm x W 33cm x H 13cm

Cute picnic basket, perfect for food and drink related hampers.

Price: £16 (currently reduced to £11)

From: Hobby Craft

Size: L 42cm x W 28cm x H 18cm

Makes a great cheaper alternative to the hamper listed first.

Price: £14.99

From: Amazon

Size: L 43cm x W 31cm x H 15cm

Lovely basket for creating hampers, and an ideal option for inhouse storage afterwards.

Price: £6.49 (currently reduced to £4.99)

From: Amazon

Size: L 35cm x W 17cm x H 14cm

Cheaper and less sturdy than earlier options, but ideal for those looking to purchase a basket only for the purpose of presenting the goods, and not as a functional basket later.

Buying in Bulk

If you’re considering making hampers for multiple people, it may be worth considering buying in bulk. This is often a great way to get baskets for a little less.

I’ve listed below a couple of options I have found, listed by the number of baskets you get per bulk purchase, from lowest to highest.

Price: £35

From: Dunelm

Small Size: L 28cm x W 17cm x H 12cm

Medium Size: L 32cm x W 21cm x H 15cm

Large Size: L 36cm x W 25cm x H 18cm

Beautiful baskets for both hampers and storage solutions.

Price: £109

From: Dunelm

Small Size: L 41cm x W 26cm x H 17cm

Medium Size: L 40cm x W 40cm x H 17cm

Large Size: L 77cm x W 42cm x H 17cm

Beautiful baskets for both home decor and a hamper. With some fabric lining too, these could turn into a sturdy and ideal hamper basket.

Price: £22.99

From: Amazon

Size: Ranges from L 26cm x W 16cm x H 8.5cm to L 43cm x W 34 cm x H 10cm, with various sizes in-between

With a value of just over £2 per basket, this is a great option for anyone trying to put together a budget hamper.

Find Some Basket Inspiration

Up next is the type of basket you want. It can be easy to overlook this step, thinking that all baskets are the same, but here is where you could make the hamper a little more personal if you like.

Whilst this is a great idea to make your hamper extra special, it can prove quite pricey. If the basket you choose is something your loved one may make use of, it could be worth the money. 

Here are some examples of some more personal basket ideas to make you hamper extra special and unique:  

Price: £30

From: Next

Ideal for dog lovers, and would make a great storage basket for dog toys.

Price: From £6.99 to £9.99 depending on your chosen size

From: Amazon

Size: Small = L 30cm x W 20cm x H 14cm / Medium = L 35cm x W 25cm x H 16cm / Large = L 40cm x W 30cm x H 18cm

Wooden crates are a great options for hampers and with its cute heart shaped handles, this one is perfect for showing how much you care.

Price: £29.99

From: JonesandGrey on Etsy

Size: Small = 43cm x 23cm / Large = 50cm x 31cm

A gardening basket is a perfect alternative for garden lovers.

Price: £29.99 for two

From: Aldi

Storage trunks could make a great idea for travel lover.

Price: Various prices, around £30

From: Apple Vintage

Music lovers may like a vinyl storage box, and at Apple Vintage you could get it personalised to suit their taste too.

Hopefully the following questions will help you come up with some ideas for your own gift…

Does the person you’re giving the hamper to have any hobbies? Gardening, cooking, walking, reading, etc.

Will you be filling the product with certain types of products? Food, alcohol, cosmetics, etc.

Is the hamper to celebrate a certain season? Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Homemade Baskets

Whether you’re looking to save a little cash or hoping to make your gift a little more personal, making your own may very well be the best option for you. Perhaps you simply want the fun of doing something a little more creative.

Whatever your reason, I thought I would share a few ideas with you.

Knit Your Own

A couple of years ago I made my grandma a hamper and decided to knit my own basket. I found this lovely free pattern from LoveCrafts and it turned out perfectly, she absolutely loved it and I had lots of fun making it.

At the time, the materials I bought to make this basket cost me just shy of £44. They’re not currently in stock but LoveCrafts, and other places, do offer alternative super chunky yarns. Just remember to get one that’s strong and cotton heavy.

If you’re new to knitting in the round, or want to learn, this is a great pattern to tackle first. It was my first project knitting in the round and it was super easy because there are not many magic circles to worry about and the yarn is thick.

Once you’ve gotten your magic circle going on the base, it’s as simple as just knitting up until you’ve reached the top of your basket, and with it being the base of a basket, it really isn’t the end of the world if you make a mistake. I loved this project and as you can see, so did my cat… 

Decorate Shoeboxes or Cardboard Boxes

I don’t know about you but around Christmas I end up inundated with cardboard boxes from all my deliveries of gifts that I’ve bought online. If you’re really trying to keep costs down, you could always repurpose one of those as your basket.

With a little effort and creativity, you could turn it into something beautiful. Here are some inspirational Pinterest images to help get your creative juices flowing.

Build One From a Wooden Pallet

If you have an electric screwdriver, a hand saw and of course a wooden pallet, then there’s no reason why you can’t make you own should you wish to. If you look around, you’re sure to find some free wooden pallets.

Check facebook marketplace or drive around some industrial estates, maybe even pop into a couple of places you can see seem to end up with a lot of pallets and ask if you would be willing to give you one. Many companies are desperate to get rid of them.

Finishing Off Your Hamper

So, you’ve picketed your basket, you have you’re gifts and you’re ready to put it all together to create a beautiful presentation. But, what else will you need to complete your hamper.

Price: £10.59 for 200g

From: Amazon

Well, if you have small animals, who need hay bedding, you potentially may have hay lying around at home, if this is the case, you could add this to your hamper. Alternatively, you can buy shredded paper in a variety of colours like this one.

Price: £8.03 (currently reduced to £6.61)

From: Amazon

Once you’re hamper is filled, you will need to wrap it all up. If you’re happy for your hamper to be on show, many people opt for cellophane wrap, just remember to get the right size for you hamper.

Price: Varies

From: Hobby Craft

Finally, to tie your wrapping together, a lovely ribbon is exactly what you need, and Hobby Craft have some lovely options.


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