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Free Lost The Pot Noodles

Pot Noodle

Take this opportunity to try the latest offering from Pot Noodle, the Lost The Pot Noodle in Champion Chicken Flavour that doesn’t come in a pot. Crazy I know but a snack that doesn’t have as much packaging and allows you to make use of your own reusable noodle pot, cup or bowl is great with us.

You can get your hands on this offer redemable from ASDA by following the Claim Yours link and using the Get Coupon button and filling in your details to receive a digital coupon via SMS.

You will need to unlock the coupon by using the link in the SMS and then you will have 20 mins before it expires, digital vouchers last 14 days so claim yours today and experience the new non pot Pot Noodle!

Free Lost The Pot Noodles
Free Lost The Pot Noodles

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