4 Spice Rubs For £10 From Spicentice


Save yourself £1.96 on Spicentice Rubs when you buy 4 at a time and using the above discount code.

Spicentice Rubs are perfect for BBQs, marinades, Roasting and grilling. Each rub can make up to 8 to 10 meals and you can choose from 8 different flavours, including:

  • BBQ Spice
  • Chimichurri Spice
  • Tandoori Spice
  • Chipotle Spice
  • Fish Seasoning and Rub
  • Peppery Steak Rub
  • Harissa Spice
  • Ras El Handout Spice

Spicentice is a family run business, with founder Ketan and his mum and dad working hard to bring you traditional recipes that they have perfected over the years.

If you head over to their site, you will see more than simply spice rubs. You will also find recipe kits, like their Indian Kit, Jamaican Kit, Mexican Kit, and many more.

So, why not click the ‘Claim Yours’ button and head over to explore what they have to offer and pick up your 4 rubs for £10. Don’t forget to take you voucher code with you.   

4 Spice Rubs For £10 From Spicentice
4 Spice Rubs For £10 From Spicentice

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