10% Off on HUAWEI Latest Speaker

Looking to buy a brand new speaker Look no further!

Huawei are offering students a crazy discount. They are offering their latest speaker with up to 10% off.

The SOUND JOY is much refined, bringing you high fidelity audio exactly as it was meant to be heard.

The speaker itself is small however, don’t underestimate it as its dual subwoofers are crafted from magnetic rare earth materials, giving them the power to create massive vibrations. 

This means HUAWEI Sound X delivers up to SPL 93dB of clear, nuanced sound, no matter how loud you like it. 

So, even when the bass hits as low as 40hz, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 20mm, so you’ll see, hear and feel the vibrations.

Get the refined and stylish SOUND JOY and enjoy this small but mighty speaker.

Click the button above.

10% Off on HUAWEI Latest Speaker
10% Off on HUAWEI Latest Speaker
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