Weekly Money Saving Tips 


28 April 2021

Weekly Money Saving Tips 

There are many easy ways to save money each week, most of which we often overlook. From simple things like avoiding waste, to having ‘no spend’ days, having money left over at the end of the month is more achievable than we think. 

Below we list some of the best ways to save money each week, which will soon add up to a pot for savings, or spending on something special. 

 1. Food Prep 

For the average family, the bulk of their outgoings, aside from rent or a mortgage is spent on food. While we aren’t recommending you cut down on what you eat, we do suggest preparing meals in advance and freezing them. This hugely cuts down on waste and results in less temptation to order a takeaway when you simply can’t be bothered to cook.  

2. Look for voucher or freebies online  

If there is something you purchase regularly, from a well-known company, chances are there will be discount codes, offers or even samples somewhere online. If you actively looks for ways to save, you’ll be surprised how easy savings actually are to come across.  

Take McDonalds for example, with every receipt they give the opportunity to fill out a short online survey, which if completed gets you a Big Mac and fries for only £2! 

3. Walk rather than taking the car or public transport.  

We get it, this one isn’t always achievable if you’re going a long distance, or even need to get somewhere quickly, but it’s surprising how many of us take the car for short trips or to do a few errands.  

If you’re taking the car everywhere, even for 5 minute journeys, the costs soon add up – even more so if you’re using public transport. 

4. Plan date night or day out ideas in advance. 

Date night, or evening activities with the family don’t have to consist of you going out somewhere and spending money. Plan different no cost things to do in advance so you’re not left scratching your head when boredom kicks in. This could be playing a game of hide and seek in your local park, going wildlife spotting outdoors or finding old movie marathons to go through on Netflix.  

 5. Leave the house with a drink or snacks.  

If we’re planning a full day out, chances are we will have already packed snacks, or even a picnic, but this tip is useful for even short journeys. Taking a water bottle everywhere you go means you won’t pop into the shop when feeling thirsty, or even better taking a flask filled with coffee out with you can save a tidy sum if you’re frequently visiting Starbucks or Costa.  

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